Chris Wedding

Ecology Manager

New Zealand has a rich diversity of wildlife and a high proportion of species that are found nowhere else in the world – including some of the most beautiful geckos – and it’s part of Chris’ job to see they are protected when projects are built.

Chris’ field is birds, bugs, bats, frogs and lizards, as well as the wider ecological environment. He measures the potential and actual impact of projects on wildlife and their habitats, and advises on practical management to avoid or minimise that. Sometimes this requires the relocation of a species, for which he holds a Department of Conservation wildlife authority.

Chris completed his degrees at Massey University in Palmerston North and Auckland in 2008 and joined Bioresearches, which in 2015 became part of Babbage Consultants. His work includes impact assessments and recommendations, consenting reviews for councils, expert witness services, and consultancy for the Department of Conservation and what is now Auckland Council.

He sees his role as balancing sustainable development with managing New Zealand’s natural heritage – allowing growth while maintaining the biodiversity responsibility we have as a country. 


Key projects include:

  • Ara Tuhono, Puhoi-Warkworth highway lead auditor on terrestrial impact assessment and adviser to NZTA on biological impact
  • Brookby Quarry expansion Clevedon – consenting 
  • Hobsonville Point special housing area
  • Wind generation feasibility study, Tonga


Bioresearches Ecology Manager

MSc Hons (Conservation Biology), BSc (Zoology & Environmental Science)

Specialising in

Ecological Management including: Terrestrial ecology Ecological impact assessment Wildlife survey, management and monitoring Expert witness services

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