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Architecture team continue to build on educational strength

September 2014

Maria Ouzounova’s team of designers - Diana Shang, Sam Knight, Lachezar Karadzhov, Ihab Kalache and others have been much sought after lately for their inspired and practical design solutions for learning and educational spaces, further solidifying their proven track record.

The scope of recent projects has been hugely diverse, including an early childcare facility in a mixed use commercial development on Auckland West’s Lincoln Road. The striking design of the building makes the best advantage of its road front location giving high visibility to both the retail stores and the childcare centre which will cater for both workers and residents in the surrounding commercial and residential areas. The popularity of this development was evident early on with it gaining full tenancy even before its completion in May of this year. Another similar development currently under design and located in Te Atatu, Auckland, will also house childcare facilities.

A large scale educational project currently underway is the latest of ACG Group’s private schools being established in Pyes Pa, Tauranga. The school will encompass facilities for early childhood right through to High School for up to 700 students. Construction of the primary school classrooms, amenities and playing fields has been fast-tracked by our architecture, structural and building services engineering teams, with the initial concepts through to construction all being completed within the year, ready for the start of the new school year in 2015. Staged construction of the other facilities including a gymnasium, performing arts centre, and library and more will continue over the next 5+ years. 

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Realistic renders of how the new ACG Tauranga School will look on completion.