Creating vision for our clients.

Our 3D Animation & Rendering team deliver on vision.

May 2015

We are all inspired by images. It’s in our nature to dream and aspire, and seeing our imagination come to life as a series of images and movies is a thrill that sometimes surpasses seeing the real buildings. We are seeing beautiful imagery everywhere, from brand to real estate, from print to film.

For the past fifteen years Ihab Kalache has been intertwined in the 3D world, producing 3D architectural images and animations to help design and market properties. He uses his vast and ever increasing knowledge to help our clients envisage their dreams.

“We no longer need to build a scale model of a house to get a feel for it, or wish we had thought of a different colour when painting it. 3d designs can be altered anytime and shown to anyone anywhere, adding the flexibility to change the structure of designs, colours, furniture layout, lighting and composition are just some of the benefits to producing 3d images.”

“With a series of images or an animation, you can also convey several ideas or concepts and appeal to different tastes in the audience, something that one image cannot. With the power to tell the story of a space or show alternatives with an animation the results are inspiring.”

If you have a project that you would like design help with or require assistance to help others visual your concepts get in touch with our 3D animation and rendering team.

As Ihab says “This is only the beginning. Amazing things await.”

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A realistic building render produced by our in-house 3D designer Ihab Kalache.