Improving workplace recycling solutions.

September 2015

The uptake of the battery recycling for staff at Babbage Consultants has been a great success. For some time we had various cardboard boxes around the office for battery collection, but the use by staff was minimal. Babbage’s in house sustainability expert, Ingo Ratsdorf, decided to make the scheme more accessible and visible. Rubbish Direct was contracted to supply a made for purpose and very prominent battery recycling tube, which was placed in a central location. Staff are encouraged to bring in batteries from home, as well those used in equipment around the office, to have them recycled. 

This latest full tube is, now, the second load of batteries that has been diverted from landfill. Rubbish Direct collects the batteries, sorts them and sends them overseas for recycling. Batteries contain heavy metals like cadmium, lead and mercury as well as nasty acids or alkalis that if placed in landfill contaminate soil and ground water. Babbage also encourages the use of rechargeable batteries over the single use kind as more ecological and economical solution.

With an ever increasing amount of consumer products run on battery power we would do well to learn from policies that Germany has put in place. Some interesting facts from Germany: “Consumers are required by law to return all waste batteries to either a store or another collection point for waste batteries. Waste batteries should never be placed in the household garbage, or anywhere in the environment.” And “Retailers are required by law to take back waste batteries free of charge.” (

For more information on the heavy metal content of batteries:

To learn about how you can put in place a battery recycling solution in your workplace contact Rubbish Direct Battery recycling: Rubbish Direct Battery Recycling

A full battery recycling receptacle full of batteries saved from landfill and ready to be sent for recycling.