Building a crisis worse than leaky homes.

October 2016

Babbage building surveying manager Gerald Ball says there’s a housing time bomb ticking away in Flat Bush through sloppy building practices, a lack of professional pride in the construction industry and overworked council inspectors. He’s spoken to

Take a building inspector through the soon-to-be city of Flat Bush in Auckland's southeast, and watch his hackles rise. He shakes his head and laments the state of building in New Zealand today. He picks his way through Double Happiness cigarette boxes, jagged bricks sticking out of mud, broken bottles, twisted steel mesh to tut tut at wonky flashings.

He – Gerard Ball from Babbage Consultants – notices walls are out of plumb and that polystyrene, plastic bags, and chip packets have drifted into nearby streams.

"Every single building on this street raises red flags for me," Ball says. "If builders don't give a damn about what's visible to the eye, how can they be trusted to properly do things they know can be covered up?"

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NZIBS building inspector Gerard Ball says properties that make the grade like this one in Flat Bush, south Auckland, are increasingly few and far between.