Financial Assistance Package - 2016 update.

9 May 2016

The NZ Government's Financial Assistance Package (FAP) was introduced 5 years ago as a means of providing assistance to owners of ‘leaky’ buildings and an alternative to heading down the litigation route. The scheme provided up to a 25% contribution from the government and up to a further 25% from council. When the scheme was introduced it was for a fixed period of 5 years; that period will end on 23 July 2016. 

Although the clock is ticking on government’s Financial Assistance Package, a lifeline has been thrown to those who have still to lodge a claim.

The government has agreed that claimants who have not yet been issued with a ‘notice to proceed’ but who are substantially advanced with their claim will be able to lodge their claim after 23 July 2016 and still be able to participate in the scheme.

Additionally as a consequence of the Supreme Court decision issued on 10 June 2014 in Osborne v Auckland Council, there has been a review of the definition of the ‘built’ date which now is considered to be the date of issue of the Certificate of Code Compliance. The effect of this has been to extend the 10 year long-stop provided by the 2004 Building Act and thus allow a number of parties to lodge claims for the Financial Assistance Package who might otherwise have been excluded.

Babbage Consultants can assist the owners of properties affected by weathertightness failure by providing expert advice on remedial design, obtaining buildings consents, tendering and project management.

If you have property that has been affected by weathertightness failure and are unsure whether it might qualify for funding under the government’s FAP scheme get in touch with our building surveying team. Call the Building Surveying team on DDI 09 367 4977 or email: for further advice or information.

DSome leaky building owners may still be eligible for the government financial assistance package.