Malcolm Stapleton - Babbage chairman.

September 2016

Malcolm Stapleton is chairman of the Babbage board of directors for 2016-17.

Malcolm has three main priorities as Babbage chairman – communication, continuing development of the Safe and Successful programme, and overseeing the implementation of new practice-management software.

Strong communication has become essential with the spread of Babbage offices and sites in New Zealand and in Melbourne, and a key tool will be the new practice-management software to be introduced in April.

The new software will support the Safe and Successful system that Malcolm sees as important to the continued success of Babbage Consultants.

“Safe and Successful is about making safety the natural outcome of the way we operate – it’s about how we treat one another and our clients,” he said.

“It recognises success and excellence. We don’t celebrate that enough.

“Like most Kiwis we say ‘that’s part of the job’, but we should be more overt in the way we recognise success and quality.

“We’ve had a culture of getting the job done, but we need to be better at letting people know what we are doing.”


Malcolm specialises in environmental and geotechnical engineering, site investigation and remediation, and geotechnical aspects of projects.

He heads the Babbage geoenvironmental team, which includes geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists, the geotechnical laboratory, the environmental group, the Bioresearches group, and a team that addresses local body and government planning controls.

His work in the field has seen him made a Fellow of the Institution of Professional Engineers in New Zealand.

Malcolm earned his degree at the University of Canterbury in 1978 and worked for Babbage from 1980-89 before a four-year spell in England. He returned to Babbage in 1993, and has been a principal since 1995.

Babbage's current chairperson of the board, Malcolm Stapleton.