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New Babbage Engineering Scholarship

March 2016

New Zealand needs more skilled engineers, and Babbage Consultants is putting its money where its mouth is – we’re offering a scholarship and work experience to a senior engineering student.

But we’re not just looking for students with the best marks, we want students with a whole range of skills.

Babbage has hosted students as interns for many years, but this year we have created a scholarship that will be offered to a third-year civil and environmental engineering student at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Engineering to use for tuition fees in their fourth year of study.

The scholarship will comprise up to $8,000 for tuition fees and the successful applicant will be offered the opportunity to work in rotation at Babbage engineering divisions during the summer semester break so they can gain hands-on practical skills.

While academic results are important, a good practising engineer requires other talents and we will be looking for technical ability, interpersonal skills, teamwork and problem-solving ability, among other skills. We want to nurture engineers that bring the complete package.

Applications for the scholarship will open towards the end of the second semester this year. Details will be available here on the Babbage website  - - and from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Auckland Faculty of Engineering.

Babbage Consultants Ltd is offering a new engineering scholarship to senior students at Auckland University.