Growing the culture.

March 2018

Babbage’s initiative for 2018 is to focus on staff empowerment and continuation of the good health and safety culture within office and site teams. The consultancy has set up a new group to drive the message home.

The Safe and Successful Team, headed by Hamilton-based principal Grant O’Connor, is the result of the amalgamation of the Health and Safety committee and the previous Safe and Successful operation, and has members at the consultancy’s Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch offices.

“We’ve got a good health and safety environment at Babbage and safety on our work sites is paramount,” Grant says. “But the key is keep the focus and to have buy-in from every member of the Babbage team.”

The new group will be encouraging staff with a number of initiatives including suggestion box, rewarding staff with gifts for good performance in their discipline and creating the buzz within Babbage. One of the initiatives being the monthly lunchtime presentations will include staff experiences on sites and information about new innovations and developments in the field.

“The learnings we get from projects and from our offices need to be shared among the wider business instead of being lost,” he says. “It comes back to buy-in – that will be the measure of how successful we are. We want people to want this to happen.”

We look forward to the year ahead growing our discipline teams and company while empowering the staff to match the Babbage values.

The Babbage Safe and Successful Team, headed by Hamilton-based principal Grant O’Connor.