Bioresearches Christchurch ecologist uses covert spying to snap penguins.

Annabelle Coates has been using some super-sleuthing skills to watch for penguins ahead of development the new cruise berth at Lyttleton Port. The Little White Flippered Penguin (a variant of the little blue penguin with a distinctive white stripe on their flippers) are only found on Canterbury's Bank Peninsula and are listed as "at risk - declining".  Every effort is being made by Lyttleton Port Company to ensure that no penguins are disturbed during the construction of the new berth and Annabelle is helping by monitoring the site to sight any birds potentially nesting in the area. 


You can read more about her work with Lyttleton Port Company (LPC) and the Little White Flippers on the LPC website here: Penguin spying keeps at risk birds safe

Ecologist Annabelle Coates installs motion detection infrared cameras along the seawall at the Lyttelton Port in the hunt for Little White Flippered penguins.
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