Gérard Ball - Leading from the front.

April 2018

Gérard Ball believes a company stands and falls on the ability of its staff, and it’s a philosophy he brings to the role of Principal at Babbage Consultants.

Gérard took up the role on April 1 and brings the number of principals at the consultancy to seven.

“I’m a big proponent of people upskilling and becoming more qualified,” he says. “It’s very important to me that people have the skills, training and expertise to be better professionals. I’ve done that personally as well as with my own team here at Babbage and I want to see that company-wide. “We stand and fall on the ability of our staff.”

Gérard joined Babbage in 2015 and has grown his team of building surveyors from three to 11, responsible for work including building condition assessments, weathertightness assessments and reports, technical due diligence, asbestos assessments and reports, and expert witness work.

He has spent more than 30 years in the industry, training as a carpenter and joiner in Britain where he worked on heritage buildings, schools, hospitals and high-end bespoke fit-outs, before qualifying as a clerk of works with the Westminster City Council in London. He became a Chartered Building Surveyor while working in France, is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and after moving to New Zealand in 2008 he qualified as a registered building surveyor. As a reservist, Gérard served with the Royal Airforce Regiment in Kuwait and Iraq during the Gulf War in 2003.

“One of the things I’ve learned is that people will follow if you go there first,” he says. “You need to lead by example. I believe that I’m good at sorting out what’s important and one of the key things is listening to people. I like listening to people – to hear what they have to say. I actively encourage the input of my team into projects that we work on. Other people often see things that you have overlooked.”  

As a member of the Babbage senior leadership team and the first Chartered Building Surveyor in the role Gérard says he brings another point of view. “Because of my background I bring a fairly high degree of pragmatism to my work,” he says. “I like to find the most straightforward solution – I don’t like things to be more complicated than they need to be.

“Our aim as principals is to have vision and understanding of the markets in which we operate and provide direction to the company so we are properly prepared to meet those demands.

“Like all of the principals I’ve got a stake in the company’s success both professionally and financially, and I want to see it succeed.”

Babbage's newest Principal, Gérard Ball - Building Surveying Manager.