Leading the glass revolution.

Babbage Consultants are leading a revolution in the use of glass with engineering, and a team of glass-specialist façade engineers leading the charge in the latest global glass technologies.

The team is headed by Dr Andrew Piraccini, bringing international glass and façade expertise to an area of engineering that has endless opportunities, using glass to generate electricity and income and used as a structural material in its own right.

New Zealand will know glass in a revolutionary way and see its unlimited potential; glass is strong and also malleable, visually attractive, can be tinted and engraved, and it can be used to make a visual statement like no other material.

Dr Piraccini has significant international experience in glass and façade engineering technologies and is one of a select group of engineers in New Zealand certified to sign off product statements for high-risk glass facades.

Dr Piraccini joined Babbage Consultants in early 2018 to establish Babbage’s specialised Glass and Façade team that now includes specialists Cyril Gonzales, Vince Ngo and Mike Grant. He says the team is the biggest group of glass-specialist engineers in New Zealand.

View Andrew's profile here: Dr. Andrew Piraccini

Babbage's new glass and façade engineering team, from right: Michael Grant, Vince Ngo, Cyril Gonzales and leader Dr Andrew Piraccini.