Sweet taste of success.

The latest stage of Auckland’s SugarTree apartment complex has been recognised by the judges in the Property Council New Zealand’s Property Industry Awards 2018.

SugarTree CENTRO, stage-two of the three-building complex between Nelson and Union Streets on the northern edge of the central business district won a Merit Award in the multi-unit residential property category in June.

Babbage Consultants senior architect Caroline Sui, who has had a significant involvement in the 700-apartment development as project architect, said the award was testament to the collective approach to building the complex that will be home to more than 2000 people.

More than 10 consulting groups worked to deliver the Babbage design, including structural, geotechnical, façade engineering, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, acoustic, and fire protection fields.

“This award recognises the work of all of those parties - keeping the vision, managing the costs and delivering the result,” she said.
“We aren’t just building a block of apartments, we’re building a community.”

At the heart of the community concept are the retail and common areas, including link ways, plazas, sitting areas, shops, eateries and bars, level changes with gentle slopes, trees and plantings, and a variety of paving finishes including a boardwalk.

Key elements of the building’s design included the ability for many of the façade works to be done from inside, removing the need for extensive scaffolding; ventilation and lighting systems that exceed building code and district plan requirements; and sensor-controlled car park ventilation systems to minimise energy use when there’s little vehicle traffic.

The apartments feature open-plan layouts to give residents with extensive glazing providing maximum views, automated ventilation systems, and lighting controls to cut energy wastage. With an eye to the practicalities of apartment living, the lift cars have been selected so they will accommodate large furniture items.

“When we worked with the parties involved in this project, we had to make sure we didn’t just talk but that we listened as well,” Caroline said.
“We had to understand their concerns and address them.

“This award recognises how well we’ve done that and how well we’ve worked together.”

The first two stages of the SugarTree complex - the PRIMA and CENTRO buildings have been completed, while the final stage, ALTRO is under construction.