We created a future-proof design for Ronwood Carpark.

Manukau, Auckland

The project

This multi-level carpark structure spans 21,838 square metres and accommodates 676 carpark spaces across eight levels. Designed with ease of both vehicular and pedestrian accessibility in mind, levels are serviced by two sets of stair/lift cores and vehicle ramps. 

The site is planned with view of maximising the number of carparks in relation to the site area. The building is also set back from the street boundary in order to allow for a future wrap around development, which is currently intended as a hotel accommodation. Carparks associated with the proposed hotel will be provided in the carpark building.

The design

The challenge presented by the staged commercial development of the site and the “semi-permanent” stand alone position of the building was to create an aesthetic façade, which can later be incorporated in the future “wrap around” development future proofing the building within the development site. The façade treatment is a combination of precast concrete, “Locker Group” balustrade panelling and aluminium louvres. The aim of the open façade treatment is to eliminate the need for mechanical ventilation and minimise the lighting requirements and to allow for optimum protection from the elements. The architectural treatment of the façade breaks down the commercial scale of the building and creates a contemporary landmark structure.

The structural design was developed to create a cost effective commercial development and adopted an unusual construction sequence to meet the requirements of the tight construction programme. The building structure was built in full height using mobile crane to work from rear to street front rather than the usual bottom to top approach. This approach allowed the steel erection to be fast tracked to cut the critical construction path to shorten the total construction duration.

Key details


Ronwood Avenue Carpark
Auckland Council (Manukau)
Manukau, Auckland
$10 million
November 2012
Civic, Community

Project team

Dr. Victor Lam
Hamid Masoumi
Ivy Lo
Kevin Meikle
Michael Martin
Mike Doherty
Jan Czyganowsky
Frank Cleary
Maria Ouzounova
Caroline Sui
Craig Cooper
Matthew Foskin
Ivan Loh