3D Animation and Rendering

We bring grand designs to life, right in front of your eyes.

Our visualisation team has the skills and technology to interpret concept and design drawings of a proposed project to create highly detailed illustrations or animations of what the finished project will look like. We interpret the design drawings and by using the latest in computer visualisation technology we provide the client with realistic impressions of what is proposed.

The creation of a detailed, true representation can be used as a particularly cost effective tool to highlight and resolve issues which arise on projects from time to time. Similarly, it is a valuable means of facilitating the resolution of decisions in respect of planning or Consent matters.

Working with all Babbage disciplines we specialise in producing rendered still images and 3D fly-through animated sequences, which, exhibit an exceptionally high standard of almost life like photographic detail.

Animation can also be used to illustrate the construction, sequencing and build-up of the various components of a project. The detail makeup of the individual components together with an illustrated progression forming a project time line can be produced for projects.

Our staff have previously had exposure to similar related industries such as film and advertising. This helps provide an element of balance between creativity on the one hand and functionality on the other. Also, the illustration and visualisation of projects is enhanced by use of the latest animation tools and presentation techniques.


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