3D Laser Scanning

Experienced Specialists deliver a wide range of 3D Laser Scanning solutions across the country

Our 3D Laser Scanning Specialists and technicians have both local and international experience and understand the challenges in extracting the maximum value from the results. We use state-of-the-art laser scanning techniques and specialised electronic field equipment to capture whole environments from simple to complex and link that to office software to process that data into 3D point clouds for use in 3D design software.

The Babbage team has a strong background in 3D design and the use of laser scan data in 3D design software. 

We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the best results for their projects. Whether that is in support of Dairy, Industrial Plant capital projects, building surveys for remedial work, pre & post construction building façade documentation, floor slope “heat maps”, Construction monitoring, and many other industries and applications.

We pride ourselves in seeking to understand our customer’s requirements and to deliver accurate and useable data, for the successful completion of your project.

Babbage can tailor the data deliverables to suit most any client requirements. We can also provide archive solutions where we are the custodians of your data to be mined for the information you require by our experienced specialists. Scan files are commonly 5+GB in size with some reaching over 100GB. Babbage has solutions in place to be able to effectively archive and store your data.

One of New Zealand’s longest-established multi-disciplinary practices, Babbage Consultants Ltd can provide a complete range of 3D Laser Scanning services as part of a fully integrated approach.

Our Laser Scanning Projects:

Babbage Laser Scanning

Benefits a Variety of Industries


Industrial Plant

Building Survey


Structural Engineering

As-Built Verification

Construction Monitoring

For 3D Scanning Services contact:

Brian Kelly

Level 4, 68 Beach Road, Auckland 1010

P +64 9 379 9980 E brian.kelly@babbage.co.nz
Babbage Laser Scanning
Babbage Laser Scanning
Babbage Laser Scanning
Babbage Laser Scanning
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Babbage Laser Scanning
Babbage Laser Scanning
Babbage Laser Scanning