Expert Evidence, Arbitration and Peer Review

As a multi-disciplinary organisation, Babbage offers expert evidence services.

Whether you’re initiating or defending litigious matters, it’s important to have a full spectrum of expert advice to call on. At Babbage we take an all-of-business approach that means we can provide expert evidence and support at all levels of your business.

Whether you’re looking into design and construction issues, water problems, land stability or need a peer review of advice already received, Babbage has the experts who can help.

Babbage is skilled at forensic investigation and reporting on the causes of building, civil, structural and geotechnical problems and in providing solutions for remedial work, as well as reporting on due diligence and compliance matters.

Babbage’s team can work with you both through court proceedings and also through arbitration, adjudication and mediation processes.

As well as giving clients access to expert advice for testimonial work, Babbage has a number of highly experienced adjudicators to run the process for clients.

These adjudicators have been trained and certified by The Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ), under their CITE “Construction Industry Training Enterprise” courses, who can manage and coordinate activities as well as provide guidance on the issues at hand.

We also have staff who are members of the Architects Education and Registration Board (interview panel) which gives them an extra layer of understanding when it comes to mediation work.



Dispute arbitration Due diligence investigations Expert witnesses in legal and resource consent hearings Investigate construction and design deficiencies Investigate land stability and building settlement issues Investigate storm water, flooding and erosion issues Peer reviews Provide contractual advice on contract administration