Building Services Engineering

Providing excellence in building services design for your building.

Babbage Building Services Consultants provide innovative and practical design solutions for power, lighting, communications, heating, ventilation and airconditioning, hydraulics and fire protection throughout New Zealand for your project, with a focus on services that are user friendly, future proofed, energy efficient and easily maintained.
We offer design and construction reviews that meet local council requirements and have a raft of sustainability and energy efficient strategies to help clients make the most out of their buildings.

Whether it’s designing the electrical systems to cope with the need for clean, high-reliability power or putting in state-of-the-art communications systems that will allow the building to grow as its residents grow, Babbage has the engineering team to meet your needs.
Babbage’s team of Building Services Consultants can oversee all aspects of your project, whether it’s electrical, hydraulics, mechanical services, lighting design, or fire protection services. We can review existing services, advise on the deployment of the latest products and services and develop a design that meets your needs.

Electrical Services Engineering

Modern buildings require well designed electrical systems to meet the demands for clean high reliability power, together with data and communication systems that enable businesses to grow and embrace new technologies. We provide design and advice on:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Solar power and photovoltaic systems
  • CCTV, security intruder and access control systems
  • Fibre and data, communications, voice and audio visual systems
  • Electrical generators, un-interruptible power supplies
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Passenger and goods lifts
  • Power supply and distribution

Hydraulic Services Engineering

Babbage Hydraulic Services provides full design documentation to satisfy New Zealand Building Code plumbing and drainage requirements and meet local Council building consent obligations. Our extensive and wide ranging experience includes;

  • Hot water heating and storage including solar, heat pumps, geothermal and heat recovery systems
  • Potable and non-potable water
  • Rainwater collection and recycling (grey water) plumbing systems
  • Stormwater systems
  • Sanitary drainage plumbing systems
  • Water treatment and filtration

Mechanical Services Engineering

Building environments require well designed heating ventilation, and cooling systems to ensure that environmental conditions are meet and optimal comfort is required. Mechanical services often comprise the largest energy use in buildings and Babbage Mechanical specialises in the design of sustainable, effective and efficient systems to satisfy Client's needs throughout New Zealand. We provide design and advice on:

  • Thermal modelling and NZ Building Code H1 requirements
  • Natural ventilation and NZ Green Building Greenstar and Nabers designs
  • Airconditioning and management of airconditioned environments
  • Ventilation systems for temperature, humidity and contamination control
  • Air to air heat recovery
  • Space heating – warm air, air hydronic and radiant systems
  • Central boiler and chilled water installations
  • Gas services

Lighting Design

A lighting revolution is occurring with LED lighting rapidly replacing traditional lighting technologies. Our independent lighting designers are at the leading edge of this technology change. We provide day-light modelling and lighting design using the latest independent lighting design software. We provide design and advice on:

  • Daylight modelling
  • 3D computer modelling
  • Road and carpark lighting
  • Resource Consent reports for spill lighting controls
  • Emergency lighting for building consent submissions
  • Life cycle and financial payback analysis
  • Sign lighting


Matthew Foskin
Power design
Generator and un-interruptable power supplies

Aslam Javed
Hydraulic services design

Tommy Lee
Solar power

Ivan Loh
Lighting design

Bryce Wilson
HVAC design