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Who we are

We are not your typical environmental consultants. We believe successful developments should be built on sustainable principles.

For some development projects, especially in rural and industrial sectors, water supply is critical, as is being able to manage and discharge waste.

For brownfield projects, be they residential, commercial or infrastructure-related, having the right strategy for managing soils can be the difference between profit and loss. Tied in to all such projects is environmental protection, and sustainability done right benefits a project, the environment and all stakeholders.

To apply sustainable principles in developments, we carry out rigorous due diligence to identify the environmental science and engineering issues and the corresponding solutions that need to be incorporated into project design. Integrated early, these solutions can have economic benefits too.

Doing the sustainable thing does not have to come at the cost of the project. We think big picture. When we look to secure water supply, we are thinking beyond volumes, to ongoing costs and long-term management. When dealing with contaminated land, we are thinking beyond the ‘dig and dump philosophy’ to how the soils can be best managed on site.

Our multidisciplinary service is part of our DNA. We work closely with our engineers, architects and other professionals so you have access to experts and services that are tailored to meet your needs. In collaboration with our colleagues at Bioresearches Group, we offer a wide range of environmental services addressing land and catchment management, water quality, ecotoxicology and ecological issues.

Groundwater sampling and monitoring.

Environmental Science and Engineering Services

Regional resource consenting Sustainability – including ISCA certification


Groundwater and surface water takes (geohydrology and hydrology) Nutrient management and discharge modelling (including OVERSEER modelling) Marine and freshwater water quality and ecotoxicology

Land Management

Geographic information system (GIS) services.
Contaminated land assessments, preliminary site investigations (PSI), detailed site investigation (DSI), remediation action plans (RAP) and site management plans (SMP)
Asbestos in soil investigation, assessment and management
Landfill monitoring

Environmental Management

Industrial & trade activity (ITA) assessments
Environmental management plans
Hazardous substances assessments


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Specific Service Contacts

Contaminated land:

Mark Crooks


Dr. Grant Allen

Environmental Management:

Lotta Liddell

Stormwater system sampling and assessment.
Landfill gas monitoring.
Irrigational water sampling.