Utilising structural, aesthetic and energy-saving properties of glass.

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Glass can enhance the structural performance of buildings as well as have visual impact – at Babbage Glass we help our clients utilise the structural, aesthetic and energy-saving properties of glass in construction.

Our structural glass and façade engineering services bring together advances in the manufacture and shaping of glass that make it possible to utilise this solid, often transparent material, in ways that were not possible in the past.

In this new era, glass is recognised for its load-bearing qualities and ability to absorb sunlight to generate electricity. Its light weight offers advantages in construction substantially reducing the amount of steel required in buildings and façades.

At Babbage, we are at the forefront of glass science and have unmatched expertise in the sector. Specialist knowledge of glass is essential to ensure the right results in building construction because glass expands and contracts at different rates to other materials as temperatures change.


In our laboratory, we test the wide range of glass options available to clients and model how glass can be incorporated into building design and façades. Advantages of using prefabricated glass include that it can be delivered to a building site and clicked into supporting frames saving time and money.

As a council approved producer statement author, we have the authority to confirm that building work complies with the building code.

Everything we do, from concept design to building and renovation, is design-led and underpinned by a deep knowledge of the properties of glass.

In this age of climate change and increasing scarcity of resources, the use of glass in the building industry is an important contributor to sustainable management.


Glass and Façade Engineering Services

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Contact us to use glass in ways that were not possible in the past.

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