Process engineering for dairy, life sciences, FMCG and pharmaceuticals.

Who we are

Babbage Process and Services Engineering designs, builds and upgrades industrial process systems and plant facilities to achieve operational efficiencies, minimise waste, conserve energy and maximise profit.

From dairy processing and food manufacturing to the production of pharmaceuticals and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), we work closely with our clients to find a balance between costs, quality and timelines. Identifying priorities in this way can result in a faster turnaround on projects while keeping a lid on costs.

Our strong reputation in process, mechanical and electrical engineering is underpinned by our ability to provide practical solutions that meet ‘best practice’ industry standards.

Safety is our top priority and we conduct hazard and operability (HAZOP) analysis – a structured examination by stakeholders to identify potential health and safety hazards and operational risks and ways to mitigate them.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the dairy industry and our expertise includes designing and installing steam, refrigeration, water, waste treatment and other systems.

Our pipe stressing service ensures piping systems across a wide range of industry sectors are safe and compliant with industry codes and regulations.

Data and 3D images captured in real-time by high-speed scanners are used to create accurate models of pump rooms, processing units and other plant systems before and after construction.

As required, we create multidisciplinary teams involving Project Managers, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Architects, Building Surveyors and others to provide clients with a seamless service.

Process and Services Engineering for manufacturing plant.

Process Engineering and Services Engineering

Industrial infrastructure design management Dairy process engineering Utilities process engineering Piping and pipe-bridge design Pipe stress analysis HAZOP (hazard and operability) analysis 3D laser scanning FEED studies (front-end engineering design) Industrial electrical design Mechanical Engineering design


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Process and Services Engineering for manufacturing plant.
Process and Services Engineering for manufacturing plant.
Process and Services Engineering for manufacturing plant.