Surveying and Land Development

Registered surveyors deliver a wide range of professional services around the country.

Our team of highly experienced registered surveyors and technicians use state-of-the-art survey techniques and electronic field equipment linked to office software systems to produce computer generated data for inclusion in a myriad of outputs and layout plans.

Combining our wealth of experience with the latest equipment, Babbage provides a surveying service that covers topographical surveys, legal surveys and land development through to resource management, regional council and environment court consenting activities.We provide consultation and advice around property investigations, feasibility studies, land inventory and catchment studies.

Services include precise levelling, deformation surveys, construction and building set outs, height to boundary certification and ongoing monitoring surveys.

We can conduct hydrographic and BOMA surveys, and review subdivisions, cross leases and unit titles, boundary redefinitions and even provide 3D terrain modelling of all we survey.

At times we are called upon to be expert witnesses during environment court proceedings and to provide advice to either side during litigation. Being able to analyse and report back on our findings clearly and succinctly is critical to our success in these areas.

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Our survey, land development and subdivision services are managed by our subsidiary company McKay Knarston. Click here to be redirected to their website.

Babbage Land Surveying


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Babbage Land Surveying
Babbage Land Surveying
Babbage Land Surveying