Sustainability and CarboNZero

Babbage is the first multi-discipline building consultancy practice to be certified carboNZero.

At Babbage sustainability is built in to each project we engage with from the design phase onward.

Babbage believes buildings should provide environments that contribute to physical and mental health and should enhance creativity and productivity. Sustainability – buildings that provide high-quality spaces and welcoming environments – is about more than just “being green”. It’s about delivering productivity gains for the client.

Everyone at Babbage is focused on delivering the best possible sustainable outcomes for our clients on every project we’re involved with. Whenever possible we build using materials and methodologies that will have the lowest impact on the environment.

The carboNZero programme was established in 2001 and is based on a wealth of data around the impacts of climate change, greenhouse gas and carbon. The programme allows participants to reach a carbon neutral state through a three-tier programme: measure, manage and mitigate.

Babbage was the first multi-discipline building consultancy to achieve CarboNZero certification in New Zealand and as such we are committed to managing and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions through an active management programme of work. Any remaining emissions are offset by purchasing verified carbon credits.

We bring the knowledge and understanding we've achieved through the carboNZero programme to bear on all our projects, no matter how big or small the job.

Carbon Zero Certification
Babbage Sustainability and carboNZero
Planting of an extensive green roof, to join the surrounding landscape